Friday, October 29, 2010

And.... we're back.

Ok, so I suck at blogging.  Part of that is that I don't think I'm that interesting of a person.  Also I don't think I say anything important that you can't figure out for yourself with a little Google-Fu.  But I've recently gotten back into Second Life, and found a pretty cool group to hang with: The Goonies.  Hanging out at Escapades Island and meeting some other goonies, plus doing the quests, and I'm having more fun in SL than I've had in years.  I've changed my Avvie because of this, shifting down to a 16-17 yr old.  I'm not sure I'm ready or able to make the jump fully into an SLKid Avvie, but I'm pretty close.

Last week's adventure was a trip to the Pyri Funfair, which was a hoot.  We started with a dozen or so Goonies, and kept getting separated through exploration, and deaths.  Eventually, it was Kit and I exploring together; running across other Goonies off and on.  But we finally made it down through the tunnels, and found the Prim of Life.  That's me on the left, in the awesome explorer's hat I found, and Kit, my companion for this adventure.

I think I'll definitely have to do more adventures like this.

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