Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back again, or so it seems.

So I'm a suck blogger.  This I know. Ah well.

I've been back into SL quite a bit lately. Escapades Island and the Goonies have definitely caught my imagination, and made my time in-world quite enjoyable.  I'm even working on coding up a faction database affectionately called the "Gang DB" so that we can implement a Gangs system for residents.  Its coming along quite well in my opinion.  It's nearly ready for prime time; most every test I can think of works fine. I just need a few others to start building GDB-enabled objects and really start using it to know where it's failing.

Also, wow.  March is a busy hunt month. both Twisted and Steam hunts are during this time. So naturally, I did both. And now I have to get through unboxing and sorting. Giant pain, and time sink.  But I'm down to about 50 Twisted stores to go through. Then I can unpack the ~180 Steam objects, and then I can unpack last year's Twisted loot, and then I can do the VGX hunt, Last Snow, Make Him Over 5 and 4, plus three or four TQ hunts. So yeah.  I'm in inventory hell.  My problem is the hunts appeal to my 'gotta collect it' nature which pains me in Real Life as well (Mongo can attest to that!).  I'm starting to be better in RL about not obtaining things just to complete a set, or that just sit around. But I digress.

I'm trying to get through a little each day, and I have a self-imposed rule that I'm not allowed to hunt until I unpack all the current loots. Which I should get back to. Right away. After I look at some funny cat pictures on teh intarwebs.

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